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Oct 22 2011: Tomb Raider E3 Demo

Today we've got an E3 demo of Tomb Raider 1 for PSX.

It's one big level that you can run Lara around in or let a demo play all by itself.

Tomb Raider (May 20; E3 Demo).


Thanks to Rudescha Volk for being the sole donator for this release.

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Oct 12 2011: Miscellanea

Today I'll be releasing some stuff I've been meaning to release for a while now.

Crash Bandicoot 1 Prototype -- it has a bunch of differences from the final game, more details here. Someone was going to pay me $700 for this but in the end they couldn't, so if you want to help out, email me.
Mickey Mania 8/25/94 for Sega CD
Kingdom Hearts II.
Official game.com emulator + debugger. Thanks to the anonymous donator who supplied this.

And a bonus.

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Mar 22 2011: 15th Anniversary of Resident Evil

Something for the Resident Evil fans among you, here's two Biohazard prototype builds someone donated anonymously.

Aug 4, 1995Oct 4, 1995

A message from the donator:

In the words of Barry Burton: What is this?

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, The Honorable Internet Associates and the Hidden Palace proudly presents a pair of early builds of the original Resident Evil for you all to enjoy.

Enjoy! It's an order!


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Jul 30 2010: Stone Protectors Genesis + Super Mario All-stars

Mike of The NES Player has sent me news that he released two prototypes, Stone Protectors for Sega Genesis, which was unreleased and Super Mario All-stars SNES Final.

Be sure to check out those links, those write-ups are great (and put me to shame).

In case his site dies some day, here are verbatim mirrors of the ROMs: Stone Protectors, Super Mario All-Stars.

Huge kudos to Mike :)

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Jul 20 2010: Sonic Spinball 1910 5/8

A while ago I found 5 out of 8 eproms of Sonic Spinball (build 1910).

The eproms are labelled 'Spinball 19/10' and each has a number signifying which eprom it is (from 1 to 8).

I have dumped the chips and I've confirmed that this is an unreleased ROM of Spinball (it has header checksum $xxDD). The 19/10 date means it's either a 10 month early build, or a 1 month late build (which could mean a bugfix or a rerelease). Probably the former.

I have chips 2, 3, 6, 8 and an unknown one (of 1 through 8). Unfortunately, since Megadrive ROMs are 16-bit, and EPROMs used were 8-bit, they are interleaved. Meaning that odd bytes are on chips 1, 3, 5, 7 and even bytes are on chips 2, 4, 6, 8, making the ROM completely unplayable. However, it might be possible to salvage some art/music data from it. It might be even possible to reconstruct the code based on the final code (though that would be a lot of work)

There is some hope that I will find any more Spinball chips. Most likely they were recycled, but I might find the others yet.

Here are the EPROM dumps, dig in.

Thanks to Stonerboy for help with this release.

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Jul 16 2010: Sega Art Tool, Sega Sound Tool, GEMS 2.8 ROM

Tiido has gotten some nice Sega development carts and was kind enough to donate the ROM dumps.

Here are the roms, and a photo of the carts.

Some screenshots:

The tools don't do much as they require matching PC software, but I've briefly looked at their code; someone could code up a quick program fake the other side of the interface. If I weren't so busy...

Thanks to Tiido for providing these!

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May 08 2010: Saturn + Megadrive

A lot of things to release today. First up are almost all of my Saturn prototypes1.

The prototypes are:

Crypt Killer (Prototype - Jan 8, 1997)
Duke Nukem (Prototype - Sep 18, 1997)
Fighters Megamix (Prototype - Apr 08, 1997)
Fighting Vipers (Prototype - Sep 06, 1996)
Loaded (Prototype - Sep 3, 1996)
Primal Rage (Prototype - Feb 12, 1996)
Sega Rally Championship (Prototype - Oct 31, 1995)
Slam N' Jam 96 (Prototype - Feb 1, 1996)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Prototype - Feb 07, 1996)
Virtua Racing (Prototype - Oct 30, 1995)
Winning Post (Prototype - Dec 27, 1995)

Edit: the dates on Loaded and Virtua Racing are wrong: Loaded should be June and Virtua Racing should be August. Sorry for the mix up, can't turn the torrent back now.

I realize some of them are identical or close to final, but I've put them up for completeness' sake. At least two are interesting -- the Primal Rage is an alpha, and UMK3 seems to be four months early (though I couldn't test it as I don't have a Saturn any more). Thanks to linlhutz for donating for these.

The torrent.

Also, as a bonus, I've got around to dumping some Megadrive carts Lyall Williams sent me a long time ago. Here are they. All but one are dumps of pirate games (some hilarious one like Iraq War, Lion King 3). Some of them are already around and some of them don't work (due to bad carts). One of them is a prototype of a soccer game, so big thanks to Lyall for donating these dumps!

Also, in spite of my neglect, the forums seem to have some good activity, among which are Glisp's Saturn and Sega CD dumps, and many community releases by Sega Saturno, including the upcoming Saturn pack. I have a weird appreciation of things that spring to live themselves (like our IRC channel, #protos).

As usual, enjoy.

1) - The one Saturn proto I have left is a prototype of Nights (not the one I released a while ago).

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Mar 19 2010: Zelda Majora's Mask proto

A hardcore Zelda fan called cen released a prototype of Zelda Majora's Mask that I helped him acquire.

Check it out!

The release thread, youtube video.

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Dec 24 2009: Baldur

Here's something very, very nice. Baldur's Gate for PSX, donated for a release by a secret awesome person. Some words from them:

Hi, everybody!
Santa here! Or at least someone who's secretly filling in his shoes!
(Shh! Don't tell anyone!)

Isn't this season great? 'Tis the season of giving, hope, love and all that bla bla bla stuff... So here's me giving you something (and it's not the finger, for once). It's a brand spankin' new unreleased game! And one you can actually play too! I've been sitting on this thing for nearly 2 years. 2 years isn't that long a time! I acquired this for a rather sizy sum of money once (hint: four digits). Sure stung a bit, but I feel like I've somewhat recovered from that! So what you're now getting is a fully playable (from start to end) copy of the unreleased PS1 port of Baldur's Gate. It weights in at a mighty 3 discs and is a surprisingly faithful and direct port of the original PC game. Please note: This is NOT the same build that was featured "exclusively" on the PlayStation Museum. This one is further into development and much closer to the game's cancellation date.

I don't expect to get anything in return for this, but for those who're feeling very generous; My wishlist this year includes the usual bag of world peace and stuff, along with some personal wishes for stuff such as the early version of Resident Evil 2 (aka. Resident Evil 1.5) and the canned PS1 port of The Journeyman Project - Pegasus Prime, but money would also be nice! ;)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy your present from this year's Secret Santa! I also hope you all enjoy this often so forgotten title and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Make sure to leave your thanks and holiday wishes in the comments sections or keep an eye on LostLevels.org and the Hidden Palace forums, where I'm hoping someone will be paying their respect for this gem!  

Santa paid a mid-end four figure sum for this, so if you'd like to thank him with money, I can make sure it gets to him, let me know.

So, here's the torrent. Enjoy!

Edit: Carnivol has posted a nice write-up with a bunch of screenshots at the LostLevels forums, check it out.

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Dec 22 2009: Ecco II 0429

A new build of Ecco II. In the words of Epicenter, the resident Ecco expert: this Ecco II build unofficially designated "0429" (from its filename) comes close on the heels of the previously-released "X11" prototype. Though not much time passed between these builds, the game has seen substantial advancement, rounding out of 'sketch' stages, improved stage architecture, object code, and many bugs and odd holes have been patched. However, this build brings with it some strange new elements, including 2 odd 'easter egg' stages. 0429 is a key part of the Ecco II development timeline and helps connect the "Playable Preview", "X11" and forthcoming builds.

Grab the release on its page. Additionally, Epicenter wrote up another excellent analysis of the proto which you can read here on his website. Kudos to him!

Stay tuned, I've got some nice releases lined up for the coming days.

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