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Unreleased: Prince of Persia 2
Aug 11 2006, Sega Megadrive

Megadrive port of Prince of Persia 2, sequel of one of the greatest games ever. In a quick comparison, this port is worse than the SNES one (sadly). This game was canned for unknown reasons.
Prince of Persia 2 - The Shadow and The Flame (Beta) (0 B)

Prince of Persia 2
SystemSega Megadrive
Cart infoUnreleased (20/2/95)
FormatROM Image
Size2.00 MB


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pietrus (1) (email) (Jun 25 2009)

zing (Jul 21 2010)
actually, this is way better than the snes version. it really resembles the pc version

zing (Jul 21 2010)
it's just the music that sucks

ASTFA (Dec 05 2010)
I am certain I've played it as a little boy though..

Axel_Dragani (2) (Dec 03 2011)
Esta versi?n es la mas fiel a la de PC

aloo (Feb 19 2012)
this version sucks

Hekk (Apr 27 2012)
Better Than Snes Horrible version

Hekk (Apr 27 2012)
Better Than Snes Horrible version

edu (email) (Aug 15 2013)
? muito bom.

Paulo Henrique (Jun 28 2014)
Worse than the Snes version? This is a joke?
This prototype version have the same controls from PC DOS original game.
The music is a very unfinished work, a conversion of pcspeaker beeper to fm!?
Very sad this never ever released wold be one of the greatest ports for sega genesis.
Hackers, please fix the horse bug! !

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